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Burn Permits

General Burning Rules Apply to All Fires

Please read though the rules prior to requesting your permit at the bottom of this page:

  • Revocation of burning privileges may be imposed at any time for violation of these burning rules and regulations
  • Only open burning is allowed. No burning barrels are permitted.
  • A person at least 14 years of age must be present at the fire during burning and shall have the fire area in view until extinguished.

All fires will have a fire break of noncombustible area around the fire of not less than 4 feet in diameter.
Anytime a nearby resident, who has a respiratory condition, that the smoke or particles of combustion may irritate their condition, the fire must be extinguished immediately. Coordination with the resident is encouraged to allow burning while the affected resident is away from home.
All fires shall consist of natural vegetation only.
No materials will be burned which causes or creates dense smoke or offensive odor in the opinion of the department.
All costs associated with fire suppression of any intentional set fire shall be the responsibility of the property owner.
All Permitted Fires shall be subject to bans imposed by the Snohomish County Fire Marshall or the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency.
Recreational Burning (Applicable if box is checked)

  1. Recreational fires shall not exceed 3 feet x 3 feet in dimensions and shall not exceed 2 feet in height.
  2. The burn pile shall have a minimum of 20 feet clearance from any combustible product or structure including structures, fences, trees etc. Elevated and/ or enclosures meant for outdoor fires can reduce clearances to 10 feet.
  3. Recreational fires shall not be used solely for debris disposal.


 Natural Debris Burning (Applicable if box is checked)

  1. Land Clearing Fires and not allowed
  2. One pile not to exceed 4 feet x 4 feet in dimensions and shall not exceed 3 feet in heigh in diameter is allowed.
  3. There shall be a minimum of 50 feet of clearance from any structure, standing timber, fence or any other combustible material.
  4.  A charged garden hose is preferred, or 50 gallons of water may be substituted if pressurized water is not available.
  5. All fires shall contain only natural vegetation originating from the site, no materials shall be hauled in for burning.
  6.  No debris fires shall be allowed when winds exceed 7 mile per hour.
  7. Roadways capable of sustaining fire apparatus shall be provided to within 200 feet of any burn pile.
  8. No debris fire shall be allowed during times of burning bans of any type. (Check with Fire Department before burning)

By clicking submit below I am acknowledging that I have read the above rules in regards to the burning regulations of Skykomish Fire (King County Fire Protection District #50).

Furthermore, I am acknowledging that all  costs of suppression of an intentionally set fire will be the responsibility of the property owner.


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